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Mulch Delivery Charlotte, NC

mulch delivery charlotte nc
Mulch plays an important role in keeping your garden healthy and well-maintained. They help keep the soil moist, improve water and air penetration, and protect plants from the growing weeds. These functions are what lead most gardeners to have a mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC. According to experts, it’s best to ensure that your yard is ready before the mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC.

Two Ways to Prepare for Your Mulch Delivery in Charlotte, NC

Do you have a mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC that is coming soon? If yes, then you should start doing some prep work in your garden. Making sure that your landscape is ready for the mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC will make your application process easier. Here are two of the most important things you’ll need to arrange before your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC arrives:

Clean Up Your Garden Beds Before the Mulch Delivery in Charlotte, NC Arrives

To maximize the benefits your garden can get from your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC, you should first spruce up your yard. Before you dump the mulch delivery, Charlotte, NC experts highly recommend freeing the plot from growing weeds.

In addition to this, edging your garden beds before your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC arrives will help keep your landscaping material in place. This can make your yard look cleaner and well-preserved. Use a rake to remove the remaining debris.

While waiting for your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC, you can also start aerating your garden soil. This involves digging small holes on the ground to allow air to freely pass through. Allowing the soil to breathe before you dump your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC leads to a healthier root system for your next planting projects.

Find a Spot Where You Can Unload the Mulch Delivery in Charlotte, NC

Most of the time, gardeners focus only on choosing which type of mulch to buy and tend to forget about the other important details. While waiting for your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC to arrive, it’s necessary to also find a drop-off space for your product.

Some prefer to have their mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC unloaded on their driveway since it is one of the most convenient places to stack the product. However, there are still some considerations you have to make when choosing the space where you can drop your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC.

If the location you have chosen to unload your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC is too far from your garden, you’ll probably spend a lot of time transferring the product from your drop-off place. You must also consider if your landscape can carry the weight of the delivery truck. The vehicle containing your mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC may cause damage to your pavement.

Get Your Mulch Delivery in Charlotte, NC From Lanier Material Sales Today!

Are you currently in need of mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC? Whether it’s for a landscaping project or just for your garden, Lanier Material Sales can provide you mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC, and other landscaping materials you need.

We offer mulch delivery for Charlotte, NC residents. Lanier Material Sales has a wide range of mulches you can choose from. We have different types, from pine bark mulch to wood chips. Additionally, our mulch comes in two shapes: rectangular/oval and circular shape.

To help you find out how many cubic yards you’ll need on your mulch delivery, Charlotte, NC residents may refer to our mulch calculator. We will help you determine the amount of mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC that you’ll need based on length, width, and thickness.

Here at Lanier Material Sales, you have the option to either have mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC or pick up your order from our store. If you have further inquiries or need to place your orders for mulch delivery in Charlotte, NC, get in touch with us today!

Lanier Material Sales: Your Trusted Provider for Your Landscaping Needs

Having a wonderful environment and fresh air are two things people often want to enjoy while outside. Landscaping helps make these things possible by turning public spaces, parks, and backyards into something naturally beautiful.

Lanier Material Sales aims to provide you with the right landscaping materials you need to turn your dream outdoor environment to reality. You can count on us to provide you with not only high-quality products but also expert advice to make your landscaping project successful.

Our History and the Areas We Serve

Lanier Material Sales is a family company. We are locally owned and operated. We have been a fixture in Charlotte since July 01, 1989. From then on, we have been committed to serving our neighboring areas.

To provide excellent client service, we treat our buyers as members of our extended family. Our dedication to providing first-rate landscaping materials, professional advice, and exceptional customer care are what lead us to gain the trust and loyalty of our consumers.

Lanier Material Sales is a growing business, and our service areas are continuously expanding to serve more customers who are in need of what we offer. Aside from Charlotte, we also cater to the landscaping needs of our clients in Pineville and Mount Holly. We will also open soon in Mint Hill.

What We Offer

Lanier Material Sales offers a wide variety of landscaping materials, including different types of stones, mulches, and blended soils. To make sure that we are providing only top-quality products to our clients, we manufacture our own blended soils and mulches.


Give your house the extra curb appeal with decorative and building stones. This material can be used to construct different landscaping features, such as driveways and garden paths. Lanier Material Sales offers a wide selection of stones, including:

  • Crushed Red Brick
  • Quartzite 3.5”, .375”, and .875”
  • Brown Alabama .875”
  • Pennsylvania 1.3”
  • New Jersey Rose 1.3”
  • Lava Rock
  • Marion 5” – 7”
  • Newport .375”
  • Brown Alabama Montgomery 2” and .875”
  • Decorative Boulders


Make your garden beds look well-maintained by using mulch. They help keep plants nurtured in various ways, from keeping the soil moist to improving water penetration. Here are some types of mulch we offer:

  • Pine Bark
  • Pine Bark Mini Nuggets
  • Pine Bark Nuggets
  • Cypress Chips Playground
  • Red, Brown, and Black Dyed Mulch
  • Cypress
  • Hardwood Single and Double Hammered
  • Wood Chips

Our products are suitable for different sizes of spaces. So, whatever area you may want to remodel, we can surely provide you with the product you need.

How You Can Get Your Orders

You have two options on how to get your orders when you purchase from us—pickup or delivery. If you prefer to pick them up, just drop by our store with your truck or trailer. We will load the landscaping materials onto your vehicle for you.

On the other hand, you may also choose to have the landscaping materials delivered. The size of the truck we’ll use will depend on the weight of your orders. For 6 tons of products, we’ll be using a single axle dump truck. For purchases that equal 18 tons, we’ll be loading your order onto a tri-axle dump truck. If your materials weigh 22 tons, we’ll be delivering your purchase using a quad dump truck.

Let Lanier Material Sales Help You Enhance the Look of Your Outdoor Space!

Revamp the look of your neighborhood, office, or backyard with the help of Lanier Material Sales. Our choice landscaping materials and expert advice will surely help turn your outdoor space into a spot that everyone will love.

Aside from providing quality products, we also care about the finances of our clients. That is why we always strive to work within your budget without sacrificing the quality of our service and materials.

What are you waiting for? Drop by any of our stores or get in touch with Lanier Material Sales today!