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Mulch Charlotte NC

mulch charlotte nc
Have you found yourself wondering how you can take better care of your garden? One thing you can do is use mulch for Charlotte, NC yards. Mulch is not just used to cover the soil for aesthetic purposes or to control the growth of weeds.

Utilizing mulch in Charlotte, NC has other benefits such as preventing soil erosion and keeping your landscape healthy. There are various kinds of mulch in Charlotte, NC and each has different uses.

Different Kinds of Mulch for Charlotte, NC Gardens

Learning the types and  purpose of each mulch in Charlotte, NC can be challenging, particularly for first-timers. Here is a list of different kinds of mulch that can help you determine what to use for your garden.

Bark Mulch for Charlotte, NC Yards

This type of mulch for Charlotte, NC gardens comes from the bark of trees. Pine and firs are often used to create bark mulch in Charlotte, NC.

There are several benefits that come with using this mulch in Charlotte, NC. These include being aesthetically pleasing, promoting water conservation, lasting around seven years, and being absorbed easily by plants once it’s decomposed. However, this mulch can be easily moved by the wind. Be careful not to get splinters while putting these on the soil.

Hardwood Mulch for Charlotte, NC Enclosures

This mulch for Charlotte, NC landscapes comes from shredded wood or tree trimmings. Plants that grow well in alkaline soil will benefit when this kind of mulch in Charlotte, NC breaks down over time. However, greeneries that prefer a more acidic environment may need supplemental fertilizer when this material is used.

Hardwood mulch in Charlotte, NC is very inexpensive. It usually costs around thirty to forty dollars per yard. In contrast, wood chips cost about one hundred twenty to two hundred fifty dollars for a similar-sized land area.

Leaf Mulch for Charlotte, NC Landscapes

Fallen leaves from trees can also be used as mulch for Charlotte, NC gardens. What’s more, homeowners can benefit from this because it won’t cost money. Just get your rake, gather the fallen leaves, and shred them using your shredder or mulching lawnmower. Take note that shredding the leaves is important so you can fully utilize it as mulch in Charlotte, NC.

Failing to shred the leaves may bring negative effects to the soil. This includes keeping the air and water from going down to the ground, and holding moisture in that allows rot and fungus to grow. Meanwhile, using shredded leaves as mulch in Charlotte, NC will allow air and water to pass through smoothly, which keeps the soil healthy.

Lava Rock Mulch for Charlotte, NC Backyards

This type of mulch in Charlotte, NC has well-known effects for your yard. Lava rock mulch, also known as pumice mulch, can help keep the soil in your yard warm. It does this by absorbing heat throughout the day.

Additionally, pumice mulch for Charlotte, NC landscapes are perfect for keeping in moisture. When placed on top of a barrier like plastic, this mulch for Charlotte, NC landscapes can prevent weed growth.

Enviro Mulch for Charlotte, NC Gardens

This unique mulch for Charlotte, NC properties, is a blend of recycled cardboard, woodchips, paper, and other tree-based materials. Enviro mulch in Charlotte, NC landscapes carries the same attributes as hardwood and bark. It looks great, is inexpensive, and doesn’t allow moisture in the soil to evaporate easily.

This material helps plant life stay healthy and grow. Additionally, if you’re considering using enviro mulch in Charlotte, NC, you help the environment because it’s made of recycled materials.

Get the Right Mulch From Lanier Material Sales

If the benefits of using mulch in Charlotte, NC appeal to you, head over to Lanier Material Sales! We are a family company that has been serving our friends and neighbors in the Charlotte area since 1989. Our wide variety of landscaping materials include stones, gravel dirt, and mulch. Contact us today.

Lanier Material Sales: Your Trusted Provider for Your Landscaping Needs

Having a wonderful environment and fresh air are two things people often want to enjoy while outside. Landscaping helps make these things possible by turning public spaces, parks, and backyards into something naturally beautiful.

Lanier Material Sales aims to provide you with the right landscaping materials you need to turn your dream outdoor environment to reality. You can count on us to provide you with not only high-quality products but also expert advice to make your landscaping project successful.

Our History and the Areas We Serve

Lanier Material Sales is a family company. We are locally owned and operated. We have been a fixture in Charlotte since July 01, 1989. From then on, we have been committed to serving our neighboring areas.

To provide excellent client service, we treat our buyers as members of our extended family. Our dedication to providing first-rate landscaping materials, professional advice, and exceptional customer care are what lead us to gain the trust and loyalty of our consumers.

Lanier Material Sales is a growing business, and our service areas are continuously expanding to serve more customers who are in need of what we offer. Aside from Charlotte, we also cater to the landscaping needs of our clients in Pineville and Mount Holly. We will also open soon in Mint Hill.

What We Offer

Lanier Material Sales offers a wide variety of landscaping materials, including different types of stones, mulches, and blended soils. To make sure that we are providing only top-quality products to our clients, we manufacture our own blended soils and mulches.


Give your house the extra curb appeal with decorative and building stones. This material can be used to construct different landscaping features, such as driveways and garden paths. Lanier Material Sales offers a wide selection of stones, including:

  • Crushed Red Brick
  • Quartzite 3.5”, .375”, and .875”
  • Brown Alabama .875”
  • Pennsylvania 1.3”
  • New Jersey Rose 1.3”
  • Lava Rock
  • Marion 5” – 7”
  • Newport .375”
  • Brown Alabama Montgomery 2” and .875”
  • Decorative Boulders


Make your garden beds look well-maintained by using mulch. They help keep plants nurtured in various ways, from keeping the soil moist to improving water penetration. Here are some types of mulch we offer:

  • Pine Bark
  • Pine Bark Mini Nuggets
  • Pine Bark Nuggets
  • Cypress Chips Playground
  • Red, Brown, and Black Dyed Mulch
  • Cypress
  • Hardwood Single and Double Hammered
  • Wood Chips

Our products are suitable for different sizes of spaces. So, whatever area you may want to remodel, we can surely provide you with the product you need.

How You Can Get Your Orders

You have two options on how to get your orders when you purchase from us—pickup or delivery. If you prefer to pick them up, just drop by our store with your truck or trailer. We will load the landscaping materials onto your vehicle for you.

On the other hand, you may also choose to have the landscaping materials delivered. The size of the truck we’ll use will depend on the weight of your orders. For 6 tons of products, we’ll be using a single axle dump truck. For purchases that equal 18 tons, we’ll be loading your order onto a tri-axle dump truck. If your materials weigh 22 tons, we’ll be delivering your purchase using a quad dump truck.

Let Lanier Material Sales Help You Enhance the Look of Your Outdoor Space!

Revamp the look of your neighborhood, office, or backyard with the help of Lanier Material Sales. Our choice landscaping materials and expert advice will surely help turn your outdoor space into a spot that everyone will love.

Aside from providing quality products, we also care about the finances of our clients. That is why we always strive to work within your budget without sacrificing the quality of our service and materials.

What are you waiting for? Drop by any of our stores or get in touch with Lanier Material Sales today!